Broken Ankle Knocks Derek Jeter out for the Season

Two broken ankles will eliminate Derek Jeter from the rest of the baseball seasonDespite battling long and hard to come back from a broken ankle, New York Yankees star Derek Jeter has finally succumbed to his injury, being placed on the 15-day disabled list, which will essentially take him out of the game for the rest of the season. Jeter had surgery on the ankle to repair the break, but the ankle just hasn’t been holding up to the pressure the all-star places on it during game play.

Jeter, who is both the Yankees’ shortstop and their team captain, was put on the disabled list last week, but according to General Manager Brian Cashman, his season is over and he won’t come back, even if the Yankees make the playoffs.

Jeter said that, after his break, “The entire year (was) pretty much a nightmare physically;” he was likely referencing the four different times he’s been placed on the disabled list since he broke his ankle on October 13, 2012, during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. At the time of the first fracture, Jeter had been playing with a bone bruise in his ankle and was getting cortisone shots to allow him to play through the pain. After the first fracture, Jeter was determined to be back in the game by the opening day of the next season, but he broke the ankle again in March of this year, a trauma which would eventually lead him to where he is today.

The decision to end Jeter’s season was made because, although the broken bone in his ankle had healed, all the surrounding muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons were still recovering from the trauma of two separate breaks and a surgery. Doctors were worried that Jeter could sustain further injuries or even another break if he kept playing.  

If a broken ankle can topple one of baseball’s greatest players, imagine the type of impact that injury could have on your life. If you have sustained a broken ankle, foot or toe, see your Houston podiatrist at Tanglewood Foot Specialists for the best available care. 

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