Foot Stress Fracture Forces Tom DeLay to Quit Dancing with the Stars

Tom DeLay Quitting Dancing with the StarsAs I mentioned in a previous post, Tom DeLay was injured with what was considered a "pre" stress fracture of both feet...a term that really doesn't exist. Well friends, it became a true stress fracture in his feet and he is forced to quit the competition.

Stress fractures are common injuries and often found in athletes, including dancers. In the case of Mr. DeLay, who was taking up dancing for the first time (I suspect), he probably took on more than his body was conditioned for, a primary cause of injury. If you are planning on starting a running program, for instance, and decide that your first run will be a charity 10K, you have not conditioned your body to bear that stress. As a result, you put yourself at risk of injury, including stress fractures, sprains, strains, and tears.

Good luck to Mr. DeLay in recovering. His treatment will likely consist of immobilization for a period of time.  Afterwards, he should be fitted for a custom orthotic to balance the forces to prevent an injury like this from happening again.   I hope he continues his athletic endeavors when he heals, with the proper conditioning to go along with it.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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