New Mirrors Allows Diabetics to Check Their Feet

People with diabetes are typically at a disadvantage in many ways. For one, they typically have a decrease in circulation which ends up in a diminished capacity to heal. Second, they often have a decrease in sensation that makes it difficult to know when there is a particular problem with the feet.

In my office, I usually give my diabetic patient a "fire and brimstone" speech about how they can lose their feet if they don't take care of them. This is easy for me to say, but the truth is many of these people find it difficult to bring their feet up close enough to inspect them. There are several new innovations to allow the person with diabetes to keep an eye on their feet.

Pictured above is the Insight Foot Care Scale that has become recently available. It has a mirrored surface that allows the bottom of the feet to be visible. It will sell for approximately $99 and is a great tool to help people monitor their feet on a daily basis.

Another option, which is a bit less expensive, is an illuminated mirror that can be used in the same manner. The mirror is adjustable and is another good tool to keep the feet healthy.

Both mirrors will allow the people to check their feet for any new breaks in the skin, infection, calluses, or anything that may put the feet at risk. If any of these things are seen, your podiatrist should be called immediately. Remind the office that you're diabetic and think you have a problem.
The mirrored scale is not yet available, but will be soon. You can purchase the Illuminated Mirror by clicking HERE.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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