Something In the Stage…Another Musical Foot Injury

A bad landing on stage left Britney Spears with torn ligaments in her ankleFirst Florence Welch, now Britney Spears…who knew stage performers were so vulnerable to foot injuries?

A few weeks ago, at Coachella, Florence Welch broke her ankle while crowd surfing. Then, while Brit was performing at Planet Hollywood last week, the pop star decided to throw a little jump into her song-and-dance routine. Unfortunately, she landed hard, sprained her ankle (and tore some ligaments) and has cancelled several shows of her Las Vegas residency.

Although clearly in great pain, Britney powered through and completed the show, only succumbing to the injury once the curtain went down at the end of the night.

First, she took to Twitter, saying, “"Thank you for all of the sweet wishes. Had a little scare on stage tonight with my ankle but I'm ok!" Later, on Instagram, Brit revealed she’d cancel two shows to give herself time to heal. Finally, the singer and Planet Hollywood issued a statement apologizing to fans for the inconvenience.

An ankle sprain is a more serious injury than many people think—I’m so glad that Britney Spears and her team realize that fact, and are allowing her to rest and heal. If you are dealing with an ankle injury and have questions about your recovery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today.
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