Texas Longhorns Beat Virginia Despite Gray’s Injury

Last night, the Texas Longhorns were able to pull off a 47-40 victory against West Virginia in overtime, but the win was not without cost for the team. Even though they came out on top, the team lost running back Johnathan Gray to a foot injury; by the end of the night, the star player was seen in a walking boot, using crutches. The official diagnosis hasn’t yet been released, but if he has a bad sprain or fracture that will keep him on the sidelines for a few weeks, the team will definitely have to go back to the play-book drawing board.  Longhorns Running Back Johnathan Gray has a foot injury

We all know that athletes are at risk of injury, especially football players who face tackles every time they step on the field. We also know that any athlete who has experienced a sports-related foot injury can only think of one thing—how soon he or she can get back on the field.

In my Houston podiatrist practice, I see many injured athletes, from children who are just starting out on the soccer field to high school and college athletes who see their future in sports. Unlike your child’s coach, who may be more concerned about the future of the team than your son or daughter’s health, I put your child first. I carefully examine every sore foot to determine the appropriate amount of rest time necessary to heal even the most minor of injuries. My goal is to get your athlete back on the field at the earliest, safe opportunity. I will never clear a young athlete to play sports unless I know he or she won’t suffer long-term foot damage.

If you or your child has experienced a sports-related injury, schedule an appointment at Tanglewood Foot Specialists today. I will make sure that the injury heals quickly so you or your child can safely return to the playing field. 

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