Today is the 23rd annual American Diabetes Association Alert Day. It is a yearly wake-up call to Americans to take the Diabetes Risk Test. This will determine if someone is at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes and will prompt them to visit with their physician for further testing.

Some symptoms of developing diabetes, such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, and blurred vision, may happen with some, most develop Type 2 Diabetes without such warning signs. As a Houston Podiatrist, I often see patients who come to the office with an problem, such as a non-healing wound or numbness in their feet, oblivious to the fact that they are experiencing a complication of diabetes. They are very surprised to learn that they are indeed diabetic.

It doesn't have to be this way...early detection of risk factors for diabetes can let you take action. Studies have shown that type 2 diabetes can be prevented by losing weight, excercising, and eating properly. By finding out if you are at risk, it gives you the opportunity to take control of your health and prevent developing the disease.

Of the almost 26 million Americans who are diabetic, 1 in 4 are not aware that they have diabetes at all. We are on track for ONE IN THREE American adults to have diabetes by 2050. Are you at risk? Find out by taking the Diabetes Risk Test at
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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