Broken Ankle Causes Political Upheaval in Argentina

Cristina Kirchner walking with the help of a bootCristina Kirchner, the president of Argentina, has cancelled a scheduled visit with the Pope in the Vatican because she broke her ankle, according to reports.

The visit was supposed to be a joint meeting between Kirchner and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to mark 30 years since the Vatican brokered a peace deal between the two countries.

Back in 1978, Chile and Argentina almost went to war over issues involving the islands of the Beagle Channel, but the late Pope John Paul II stepped in and mediated a compromise.

The meeting is supposed to be rescheduled for next week, Kirchner’s staff says. She was hospitalized last week after breaking her left ankle in an accident in her home; that incident followed a month-long hiatus from the public eye after the world leader was hospitalized for a stomach issue that even kept her from a G20 meeting in Australia.

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