Fallon’s Foot Saves His Finger

A good surgeon is the only reason Fallon's finger is still attached After a two-week, injury-related hiatus, Jimmy Fallon is finally back on The Tonight Show and telling the tale of what caused his problems.

Apparently, the star tripped on a rug in his kitchen and, as he fell, his ring got caught on the counter top. When he got caught up, his finger was bent completely sideways.

Panicking, the star rushed to one emergency room, where he was sent to a second hospital. At the second hospital, he found a doctor who was able to perform microsurgery on Fallon and, taking a vein out of his foot, the surgeon managed to save Fallon’s finger.

After the procedure, the late-night talk show host remained in Intensive Care for 10 days, but now he’s back on the air, albeit with a heavily bandaged finger.  Fallon recognized just how lucky he is, explaining that, in most cases like his, “the odds aren’t great and usually they cut your finger off.”

Jimmy Fallon’s tale of overcoming the odds and saving his finger shows just how important it is to carefully choose your surgical doctor. If you have been told you need foot surgery, make sure you’re dealing with the best person for the job. Schedule an second-opinion consultation with Dr. Andrew Schneider today.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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