A 3 Minute Guide to Understanding Your Diabetes Diagnosis

It's Diabetes Awareness Month so I wanted to share some information for all of you out there who have recently been diagnosed. WhDr. Schneider could save your life in just 3 minutes: Any questions?en you find out that you have diabetes, I’m sure a million different things start running through your head: everything is going to change… I’ll have to spend so much time on medical procedures… what will I be able to eat… will I lose my feet?

Hearing you have any illness is scary, but I’m here to tell you that managing your diabetic foot health doesn’t have to be scary—or time consuming!

Part of making sure your feet stay healthy is maintaining regular visits with your podiatrist, but that doesn’t mean you’ll spend your entire life in a doctor’s office: quite the opposite.

Simply by following the American Podiatric Medical Association guidelines (APMA), your doctor can conduct a thorough (and life saving!) foot exam in just three minutes!

Here’s the breakdown:

Minute 1: We’ll discuss your medical history, including questions about symptoms (do your feet tingle or burn?), do you have any leg pain or have you had any wounds or ulcers in the past?

Minute 2: During these 60 seconds, your doctor will examine your skin, your neurologic reflexes, your bone structure and your vascular health.  Yes, a one minute exam can reveal a fairly complete picture of your diabetic foot health!

Minute 3: In the last minute of your exam, your doctor will discuss with you steps you can take at home—like always wearing well-fitted shoes and performing daily foot inspections—that will drastically decrease your risk of experiencing complications.

I know we can all spare at least three minutes to save our feet—and our lives! Of course, when you schedule a diabetic consultation with Dr. Schneider in my Houston podiatry office, I have much more time to spend with you—but even if you can only give me 180 seconds, I can help you take great strides towards protecting your feet!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.