Unhappy Ending for Kevin Durant?

Durant will sit out all basketball activtiy, hopefully until his foot is fully healedAfter a long season of foot-injury ups and downs, it seems like Kevin Durant will finally know his fate for this season, and that fate isn’t looking too good.

Over the weekend, the Oklahoma City Thunder revealed that Durant would be removed from all basketball activities due to an inability to recover from his lingering foot injury. To review, the superstar has had a tough season: he broke his 5th metatarsal back in October and had a screw surgically inserted to his foot to help him recover. He came back to the game for a while, but suffered a sprain and ended up going back for another surgery to alleviate lingering soreness at the sight of his original fracture. He has not seen a minute of court-time since Feb. 19.

All across the twitter-verse, sports experts and fans alike are reaching out to Durant, begging him to really give his body the time it needs to heal and praying he doesn’t rush back to the game again before he’s better. My favorite tweet came from Eddy Rivera @erivera7: “I would hate to see Durant’s career derailed because of injuries. Don’t. Rush. Back. Please.

In less than 150 characters, Rivera pretty much summed-up this Houston podiatrist’s motto: Foot injuries are no joke and if you don’t give them the proper amount of rest and healing time, they will come back to bite you again and again. To quote another tweeter, @highkin, Foot injuries are scary long term. If you are dealing with a sports injury and want to ensure that your return to sports play does not compromise your long-term health, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider for a well-supervised and detail-oriented recovery plan.

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