If These Olympians Can Come Back from a Foot Injury....So Can You!

Posted on Aug 08, 2012

One of the most common excuses I hear in my Houston podiatry practice for discontinuing an exercise program is a foot or ankle injury. I'll admit, I've used that excuse myself! An interruption like an injury to a training or exercise program is often difficult to return from. There are even people who assume that there is no way they can run or play their sport again after foot surgery. Take a look at some of the athletes competing in the London Olympic Games. Many of them have suffered injuries or have undergone foot surgery and have returned to compete at the Olympic level.


Jonathan Horton overcame foot injury to compete in London OlympicsUS Olympic gymnast Jonathan Horton from Houston, TX had landed wrong after a vault and fractured two metatarsal bones and tore a ligament in his foot. He adapted his training to include more apparatus, such as pommel horse, rings, and high bar, rather than floor exercise where he would further injure his foot. By redirecting his training and focus, Horton overcame his foot injury and is currently competing on the men's Olympic gymnastics team in London.


Another US gymnast, Sam Mikulak, had an ankle injury during Olympic trials which limited his efforts. Even so, he still was able to secure the final spot on the men's gymnastics team heading to London.


Women's US gymnast McKayla Maroney competed with a wrapped foot due to a broken toe and still was able to contribute to the team winning their first team gold medal. In addition, she was able to secure a silver medal despite a fall on her individual vault bid. Even so, the fall was not due to  her foot injury.


Even marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe came back to elite status after recovering from a bunion surgery. Unfortunately, she has been plagued with other foot injuries that kept her from competing at her hometown London Olympic games. 


These are just a few of our current olympians who fought back from injuries to compete at the highest athletic level. It is time for us to stop making excuses. True, most of us don't find ourselves in the same category as they are athletically, but it is proof that we don't have to hang it up when a little adversity comes our way. If you suffer a foot or ankle injury, whether while seriously training or just starting to exercise, contact Dr. Andrew Schneider for immediate care. The sooner you get treated, the quicker, and more complete, your recovery will be.

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