Stress Fracture Takes Houston Forward Out For The Season

Posted on Dec 04, 2011
Houston Cougars forward out with foot stress fractureThe Houston Cougars will be without the services of their forward Mikhail McLean due to a stress fracture in his right foot. The injury will keep him out for this season.

McMcLean is scheduled to have surgery to repair the fracture. He is expected to return to the court for the 2012-20113 season at full strength.

Stress fractures are sometimes written off as just a minor injury, but they should not be ignored. With continued pressure, the fracture is likely to completely break and worsen. Many stress fractures do not require surgery. Most rely on immobilization in a fracture boot to heal properly. If someone is particularly hard on their foot, such as an athlete like McLean, surgery may be recommended to heal the fracture quicker.

There is a myth that if your foot is broken, that you cannot move it or walk on it. This is completely false. In fact, a stress fracture is often walked on since there is minimal bruising and not as much pain as a complete break in the bone. If your foot has become swollen and constantly painful, don't wait to get it checked. Visit your Houston podiatrist for an x-ray to ensure that everything in your foot is properly intact.

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