Don't Let Diabetes Knock You Off Your Feet

I recently learned about a company in Calgary called Orpyx. They are developing some amazing technology that will result in saving countless limbs with time. Their flagship product, which should be released later this year, is an insole with sensors to determine areas of high pressure. This sends a warning to a wristwatch device which alerts the wearer of the potential problem. This will be another tool for people with Diabetes who suffer from numbness of their feet, or peripheral neuropathy.


As a podiatrist in Houston, TX, I see the results of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Very often this is in the form of a diabetic foot ulcer. A diabetic foot ulcer is a break in the skin due to this excess pressure. Often, these ulcers become infected, the infection spreads up the limb and to the bone, and ultimately may result in hospitilization and amputation. It is important to keep the complications from diabetes controlled so they do not become an issue.


It's time to actively take care of your feet, especially if you are diabetic. If you suffer from numbness in your feet, consider foot care an emergency! Contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider for a comprehensive diabetic foot evaluation and together we will be able to make sure you keep your feet for a lifetime.