No Surprise Here: Harrison Ford Foot Injury Shuts Down Star Wars


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The iWalk crutch lets you recover from a broken foot in comfortA few weeks ago, Harrison Ford broke his foot while filming a scene on the Millennium Falcon on the set of the latest Star Wars installment. At the time, everyone claimed that his injury would not affect production OR the scheduled release date for the film. Now, as I predicted, that story is changing.

On Sunday, Disney announced that they would have to stop shooting altogether for two weeks in August because of Ford’s injury, but they are still sticking to the party line that the expected December 2015 release date will not be affected. Here’s hoping!

The expected recovery time for a crush fracture like Ford’s (a heavy door reportedly fell on his foot) is at least two months; Ford has been seen out and about, but is not yet able to be in a walking boot (instead he’s been using the iWalk crutch, a device that is supposed to allow you mobility without putting pressure on your shoulders the way traditional crutches do.)

While this new technology is reportedly allowing Ford to walk pretty much wherever he wants (he even took the stairs!) it doesn’t mean he’ll be ready to film action scenes anytime soon. He reportedly told Brad Hunter, who works at iWalk, that he’d be out “about a month,” but that doesn’t sound like enough rest time to this Houston podiatrist.

Trying to get back up on a fracture too soon can make for longer recovery times or even compound your original injury. If you have a broken toe, foot or ankle and are concerned about your ongoing recovery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider before you make a move that could compromise your long-term health. 

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