Have You Ever Sworn at Your Injured Foot? Victoria Azarenka Has!

Victoria Azarenka curses her injured foot Three days before the Australian Open, no. 4 ranked tennis star Victoria Azarenka suffered nerve damage to her foot, and was told she’d have to wear a walking boot for three weeks. That was just four-and-a-half weeks before the Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open, leaving Azarenka and her fans wondering whether she’d be able to compete in the tournament at all.

Well, Azarenka did compete, and even made it to the second round of play, but then something really embarrassing happened to her. She suffered a 6-0, 7-6 loss to no. 66 Lauren Davis, eliminating her from Indian Wells and sending her home for some much needed rest and/or rehab.

After her elimination, this video was released in which Azarenka explains that she’s having a hard time playing because her foot “F***ing hurts.” Ultimately, the foot injury contributed to her surprising loss.

I found the video intriguing not because of the profanity, but because of the humanity. So often, we see athletes playing through injuries, acting as if it’s no big deal that they pulled off something super-human like winning a skiing Olympic gold medal with a broken foot. Here, we see a top-tier athlete admitting that her injured foot just-plain-hurts, and she’s not interested in bringing her best game or discussing proper tennis strategy. I think we can all relate to wanting to sit down and cry (or swear) when we’ve hurt our feet.

Thankfully, for most of us, when we’re having an oh-shoot, I just really messed up my foot moment, we don’t have to remain on the national athletic stage and try to compete anyways.  Instead, we get to see our podiatrist and take the time we need to recover. All the same, I’m sure that we can all, for once, relate to Victoria Azarenka’s frustration. Let’s wish her a speedy recovery from the Houston podiatry office of Dr. Andrew Schneider!

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