Nerves from your feet can now save your eyes: here’s how!

Mira Khan with her doctor three months after a successful first-of-its-kind surgery. Doctors in India have just performed a ground-breaking new surgery that helped restore a woman’s eyesight using nerves from her feet!

After contracting a viral infection, Mira Dhar, a 60-year-old woman from Kolkata, lost most of the vision in her right eye due to loss of sensation in the cornea.

To correct the problem, Dr Vinod Vij took the sural nerve of the foot (located in the calf, it provides sensation to the foot) and connected the cornea back to the forehead using the transplanted nerve. Three months post-surgery, the woman’s sight has been fully restored.

While hand nerves could also be used for this complex surgery, the medical team involved chose to use the sural nerve because of its easy accessibility.

Not only is this story one of medical innovation, it also teaches you just how crucial it is to take care of your feet: muscle, bone and even nerve. You never know what you might need them for one day!

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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