The Secret Reason Anita Perry's Not Standing By Her Man


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Anita and Rick Perry in happier, pre-foot-surgery, timesBy now, most of us in Houston have come to terms with the fact that our Govenor, Rick Perry, has been booked for two felony abuse of power charges. Sigh.

Last week, when Gov. Perry made the trek into Austin’s Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center without his wife Anita by his side, speculation arose that perhaps Texas’ first lady could not yet muster the strength to publicly support her husband through the booking process.

Apparently, that’s not the case—or at least not the reason Gov. Perry had to face getting his mug shot taken without any spousal support. According to an email statement released by Perry spokeswoman Lucy Nashed, Mrs. Perry avoided the media circus at the Justice Center because she, “Recently had foot surgery and cannot stand or walk on that foot.”

Oh. Well that explains everything. I’m sure all is well and good in the Perry household.

Moving on. All joking aside, having surgery on your foot or feet is a major deal, as you may truly not be able to bear weight or stand during your recovery period, which could take weeks or even months, depending on the procedure you have done.

As a Houston podiatrist, I wish Mrs. Perry a quick and full recovery from her foot surgery and invite any Texan facing foot surgery (regardless of whether or not their spouse is facing jail time) to come into Tanglewood Foot Specialists and receive a full examination. Together, we can determine whether an operation is truly your best treatment option. After all, the recover from surgery is clearly a big enough deal that you’ll have to steer clear of the spotlight for a while as your foot heals. 

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