Make Sure to Hit These 5 Spots When Applying Sunscreen

This tan line ain't cute and could be dangerous: protect your feet with sunscreen!It's hot out there and while most of us living in Texas already include some form of sunscreen application in our every day rituals, there are still plenty of parts on our bodies that aren’t getting the protection they need. Given that problem, I wanted to share with you the five most forgotten parts of your body (according to the AARP) that need to be given extra special attention as you slather up before heading out.

  1. Tops of feet and ankles: Obviously, this is the place where this Houston podiatrist will put the most focus. In hot weather, we tend to skip socks in favor of open toed sandals, flip-flops or even bare feet (although I recommend wearing shoes whenever possible to avoid picking up common summer foot problems like toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.)  This less-frequently-exposed skin is even more vulnerable to sunburn than parts of the body that see the light of day more frequently, so be sure to slick on a good coating of sunscreen to any skin that will be exposed (even between your toes.)
  1. Back of hands: Your hands may the part of your body that get the most year-round sun exposure, so be sure and protect them by applying sun-screen. Remember to reapply after washing your hands to preserve the anti-sun protection.
  1. Ear lobes: Depending on how long your hair is or how you wear it, the tips of your ears and your lobes can be just as exposed to the sun as your face, so don’t forget these delicate parts when applying sunscreen.
  1. Chest: When you wear a “v” or scooped-neck shirt, you need to cover the exposed area with sunscreen, but you also need to reach in and around the collar as it may shift while you move around, leaving more skin exposed and unprotected. 
  1. Scalp: This area is especially vulnerable for men with thinning hair, but women need to protect the delicate skin along the part of their hair and hairline as well.  Better yet, wear a hat whenever you’re in the sun to give your scalp an extra dose of protection. 
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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