MicroVas is currently one of the best treatments for peripheral neuropathyAnyone living with diabetes is probably familiar with the term peripheral neuropathy—the damage to the peripheral nerves of the legs and feet that this disease frequently causes.  Associated with pain, numbness and tingling, it is a troubling problem that can be difficult to resolve.

The good news is: there are several different treatment options currently available, including the FDA approved MicroVas therapy that I offer in my Houston podiatry practice, designed to improve blood flow to the nerves and reduce neuropathy symptoms.

The bad news is that many available treatments only focus on lessening the pain you experience, forcing diabetics to partake daily of strong, potentially addictive, pain meds.

For those who have resorted to simply limiting their experience of pain, take note of a new option that’s currently in development.

A pain management doctor in Ohio has filed a patent for a non-addicting medication that will not only lessen the experience of physical pain, but will also stimulate new blood-vessel growth through a timed release of sodium nitrate. Clinical trials for the medication could begin shortly, hopefully giving doctors a new weapon in the battle against neuropathy.

Every patient experiences peripheral neuropathy symptoms differently, and not every treatment will offer every individual relief. But take heart—chances are, there is a treatment that will work for you!

If you are living in Houston and suffering from peripheral neuropathy, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today to see if you are a candidate to get relief from the treatments offered in our practice.

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