Tanglewood Foot Specialists is proud to make Dr. Comfort Flex-OA shoes available to people suffering from knee pain in Houston. The X-Sole Relief Technology is one of the patented biomechanical features work to naturally change the loads across the knee—helping relieve pain and slow the progression of osteoarthritis. Specially designed Flexure Zones have been proven to relieve stress to the arthritic knee by an average of 20%. These studies were done in conjunction with Rush University.


The X-Sole allows natural movement, barefoot-like movement, graceful movement and natural flexibility—movement typically lost with modern footwear. The effect is a measured and proven reduction in load on the knees, a major cause of OA related knee pain. These shoes are particularly comfortable and lightweight, making them very attractive to our senior patients.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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A podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX.