All about Tanglewood Foot Specialists

Tanglewood Foot Specialists has been your Houston podiatry center dedicated to keeping you walking. NothHouston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialistsing is more important than your mobility, whether for exercise, work, travelling, or simply playing in the yard with your kids. Foot or ankle pain can limit your ability to enjoy these important aspects of life. Dr. Andrew Schneider is committed to helping you and all Houstonians find the relief that you need.
Our office is conveniently located in the Tanglewood Professional Building on Augusta Drive. Parking is ample and free. Whether this is your first time in our practice, or you have been a patient for years, we want you to feel completely comfortable. Dr. Schneider and your team are ready and willing to provide you with anything you need during your visit, whether it is detailed information about your foot and ankle condition or a simple cup of water. We believe that your time is valuable and always strive for an on–time schedule. The doctors will always take the necessary time to answer your questions in language you can understand.

Tanglewood Foot Specialists provides Houston residents medical services in sports podiatry, diabetic foot care, foot and ankle surgery, and the treatment of foot and ankle pain and injuries. If you have a foot or ankle injury or concern contact us to schedule an immediate appointment.