Rise of the #footselfie

Gone fishing? That's a good excuse for a #footselfieTrend alert: one of the newest crazes on Twitter and Instagram is the #footselfie (for the uninitiated, that’s just a self-photo of your naked feet.)

With traditional selfies getting old, people have turned the camera on themselves in a downward facing direction, and showing your feet some social-media love has become a real ‘thing.’

#Footselfies vary in subject matter from the beautiful to the painful: people have been posting pictures to highlight bright pedicures, relaxed summer feet in front of a glorious background, recovery from foot surgery, massive bunions and much, much more.

In recent months, much has been written about Cinderella surgeries (opting for foot surgery so that your feet can look better in and out of fashionable footwear) and, as a Houston podiatrist, I am very much against undergoing serious medical procedures for the sole purpose of wearing uncomfortable shoes.

However, some procedures I offer at my Tanglewood Foot Specialists office not only help get rid of foot pain, they also make your feet look better.

Patients who have corns or calluses on their feet know that these thickened areas of skin both look unattractive and hurt! In my office, I assess your corn or callus to figure out why it formed and to craft a plan to manage the pain and pressure. Some options include regular maintenance visits to keep the corn or callus reduced, the use of padding, changing shoes to minimize pressure and using orthotics to relieve pressure beneath your foot. In serious conditions, where your pain cannot be reduced to a tolerable level using other methods, I’ll even operate to remove these bony protuberances.

Once you have begun treatment for corns, your feet will feel happier, making you that much more excited to jump on the #footselfie bandwagon. But keep in mind that any procedures done to your feet should be performed to correct a problem or reduce pain levels, not to conform to some mainstream idea of foot beauty. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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