3 Hacks To Show Your Feet The Love On V-Day

Show your feet some extra love on Valentine's Day It’s almost that time of year again…the day to celebrate love and Hallmark! We all know how mad your loved ones get when you forget to show them your appreciation on Valentine’s Day…so why don’t you give your feet the same consideration this year? After all, they are the appendages that carry you through the day, bearing the brunt of your long commutes, daily jogs, fashion choices and more.

Want those feet to get back their lovin’ feeling? Here are some easy (and safe!) ways to give them a quick revitalizing!


Even though Houston winters aren’t that cold, the drop in temperature and rise in dry, heated indoor air can play a number on the skin of our feet, leaving them cracked and sore. The product I recommend most for dry, cracked feet is AmeriGel Care Lotion; in addition to restoring moisture, it contains Oakin, a natural ingredient that exfoliates, fights bacterial and fungal infections and reduces skin inflammation.

Bring Out the Sneakers

I know you want to look great for your Valentine’s Day date night, but just for once, think of skipping the high heels and give your tired feet a night off. Even if sneakers aren’t an appropriate option, keeping heel height under three inches will go a long way towards preventing foot pain and longer-term complications.

Check Back In

You know how, in any relationship, it’s important to really listen to your partner? The same holds true for your relationship with your feet. Why not take a moment in the next few days and try to really hear what your feet are telling you: take note of that persistent heel pain; observe whether bunions are forming or progressing. And make a plan to get your feet the care they need to feel better!

Want help with that plan? Make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider to help give your feet the love they’re craving.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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