4 Hacks to Make This Year's Resolutions Stick

Follow these tips to stick to New Year's Resolutions!Do you make resolutions each New Year’s eve, totally planning to stick with them, only to find your best intentions dashed as early as February? Here are 4 hacks to help you stick to those well-intentioned resolutions and improve your overall (foot) health in 2018!

1. Set smart goals.

  This is a mantra I live by. SMART stands for:

·       Specific. The task is defined very narrowly.

·       Measurable. You can assess whether or not it has been achieved.

·       Achievable. The goal is within your grasp, given the time and energy you have available.

·       Relevant. The problem you're facing can be solved with the goal you've developed.

·       Time-bound. You know just how often tasks related to the goal should be done and how long the goal will last.

  Setting goals like this could be an easy way to make sure that you actually achieve what you need to achieve in 2015.

2. Put them in print.

   Writing goals on paper and posting them in a spot that you regularly see is a quick and easy way to make sure that you stick to the resolutions you've made.

3. Speak up.

   Consider sharing your resolutions on Facebook or Twitter: this way, you’ve made a public commitment to your goals (and you’ve included a huge group of folks who can help hold you accountable.)


4. Celebrate.

    As you’re setting measurable goals, make sure to include milestones along the way—if you’re trying to lose 20 pounds, break that goal up into five-pound increments, then celebrate every time you reach a mini-goal with a little reward. Those little rewards will keep you motivated and pushing towards reaching your ultimate goal.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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