4 Surprising Shoes That Can Actually Wreck Your Feet

These Converse kicks look comfy, but they could really hurt your feet!We all know that wearing shoes like stilettos and flip-flops can cause some major pain in your tootsies, but there are some other types of footwear that can cause just as much pain and damage. Read on to find out my top four surprising footwear offenders:

1. Converse sneakers

Sneakers are supposed to be safe footwear bets, but this old classic shoe has a high foot-pain rating (they can cause heel pain, stress fractures and tendinitis) thanks to their flat, stiff soles. Want to wear them without the awful side effects? Give your foot some actual support by slipping in an insert that can mold to your feet (or, for added bonuses, a custom orthotic!)  

2. Shoes that don’t fit

Whether too small or too big, any shoe that doesn’t fit well will put more pressure on your joints, especiall the ones where your toes meet your feet. Over time, this wears down cartilage to the point where bone meets bone, putting you at risk for arthritis of the feet. Even in short bursts of wearing, your toes and joints may become stiff, swollen and inflamed from wearing poorly fit shoes.

3. Uggs

Wearing Uggs (or other sheepskin-lined boots) creates a warm humid environment just perfect for foot fungus development, especially when you slip into them without socks. Additionally, they aren’t great for lots of walking due to their hard, flat soles (see the blurb about Converse shoes above.)

4. Rain boots

Since rain boots are made of thick rubber that doesn’t breathe well, combining them with wetness from the rain can lead to fungus and warts. Also, this type of boot is not known for being well-fitted, meaning they’re more likely to run and leave blisters.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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