A Royal Pain in the… Toe

So here’s an odd story I came across this week. Prince Harry, the newly-engaged, often-in-trouble, younger son of the English Prince Charles, broke his toe recently. That’s not the strange part, though.Prince Harry is training for an arctic trek with a broken toe

The first thing that I thought was weird about the story was that the palace press team won’t tell people how he broke his toe, just that he quote “broke it privately.” Now, this is a kid who’s made crazy blunders like wearing a Nazi costume to a Halloween party…what was he doing when he broke his toe that is too embarrassing to share with the public?

As a Houston podiatrist, I find the next part of the story even stranger. Harry has been in training for a 208-mile trek to the South Pole with a phenomenal veteran’s organization called Walking with the Wounded, a group devoted to re-training and re-educating wounded servicemen and women.

But here’s the crazy part—that trek begins in November, which is really soon, and Harry is still planning to fully participate in the action. Now, when you break a toe, like Harry has, it is not usually an injury for which you’ll get a cast, although it depends on just how bad the fracture is and if there’s been bone displacement (in which case, you’d probably need surgery.)

Regardless of the severity of the fracture, though, you should certainly rest a broken toe as much as possible, keeping off the injured foot whenever you can. You know when it’s hard to rest a broken toe? When you’re on a 208-mile hike!

I know Harry is a veteran, and according to reports, he doesn’t want to quit over a broken toe when so many of his fellow veterans have far more debilitating injuries. I respect that, but I also know that broken bones won’t heal properly if they aren’t cared for the right way.

If you think you have a broken toe, don’t try to play it tough like Prince Harry—schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider immediately to ensure that you have a quick and full recovery.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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