Another Walking Boot in Kelly Ripa’s Life

Kelly and Mark and their sad, sad walking boots They say payback’s, well…you know. And now Kelly Ripa knows, too! Last week, the Live! With Kelly and Michael  host revealed she had broken her foot during a dance class; she also mentioned that her husband, Mark Consuelos, took a little too much joy in the injury: ““Mark (was) at the hospital with me…He followed me around with a camera. He was never more alive. He loved this moment of suffering,”  she shared with fans of her morning show.

Well, Mark sure got his come-uppance! The couple took to Instagram this week to share a picture of them sitting side-by-side, both with walking boots on their left feet and legs. Apparently, Mark suffered a ‘small calf tear,’ although he did not explain how the injury was sustained.

If there’s any good news in all this, I guess it’s…misery loves company? Or some other adage that’s cuter than the broken marriage jokes being bandied about the twitter-verse. Here’s wishing both those guys a speedy recovery…getting over a broken foot or torn ligament is no joke.

And hey, as self-less a Houston podiatrist as I am, I’m happy to offer help of any kind to these guys…and if you’re dealing with a foot or ankle injury, you should make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider, too! I’ll get you back on your feet (or at least back to posting frowny-faced social media pictures) just as soon as is safely possible.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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