Before and After Running Tips to Avoid Foot Pain

Keep your feet from hurting with these warm up and cool down tipsAs you probably know, I’m in training mode for the Avenger’s Half Marathon in November; on my first run out of the gate, I logged 2.48 miles and clocked in at 36 minutes, 47 seconds (Not to brag or anything…)

Admittedly, I was hurting a bit after that re-introduction to running, and it made me look into the entire running process—not just what I do while I’m actually training, but also how I gear up for and cool down from a run.

Here are some great tips from  Fleet Feet running coach Nick Paterno on how to tweak your-pre-and-post run technique to avoid foot pain.


1. An hour before longer runs, make sure to eat and drink something. Paterno recommends OJ and a bagel.

2. Loosen up muscles with a foam roller. There are a lot of fancy ones out there, but a simple one like this will do the job just fine.

3. Engage in a light warm up. For serious distance runners, this could be a one-mile slow jog; for beginners like me, a five-minute walk does the trick.

4. Stretch and warm up your toes, heels, hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings. Swinging your legs back and forth in addition to static stretches will help loosen up your muscles and improve blood flow and energy as well. Give extra love to any area that feels tight during your basic stretching routine.


1. Eat and drink after your run to help your body start recovering. Chocolate milk is a great beverage choice, and any kind of protein, ideally within 30 minutes of returning home, is good for an after-run snack.

2. Ice your muscles to reduce swelling after a long run or, if you prefer, you can brave a cold bath for as long as you can take it.

3. Foam roll your muscles again to get out all the new kinks. Stretch again too, then, before bed, get out that foam roller one more time.

4. Drink tons of water to rebuild your stores.

Want more running tips to help you train (virtually) alongside your Houston podiatrist? Dealing with a running injury that’s keeping you from pounding the pavement? Schedule an appointment at Tanglewood Foot Specialists and I’ll help you feel better while running smarter and safer. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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