Bryce Dallas Howard Actually Hates High Heels

When she's not running from raptors, Bryce Dallas Howard actually shuns stilettosWhen Bryce Dallas Howard fled the rampaging dinos in Jurassic World, she did it wearing high-heels, launching about a million blog posts from podiatrists like myself about how crazy it would be to attempt running in stilettos.

Well, apparently, the star has seen the light when it comes to her relationship with uncomfortable footwear. In a recent interview, she admitted that the first thing she does when she gets home from a red carpet event is take off her shoes because they just hurt so darn much. In fact, she admitted,  “Actually at the Golden Globes I realized that I was in my shoes for twelve hours straight, and I was like, “I’m getting stress fractures here! I definitely have stress fractures on my feet right now!”

Now, I doubt that her bones were actually breaking right there on the red carpet, but it is a proven fact that wearing high heels increases your risk of stress fractures, not to mention Achilles tendon issues, foot and ankle sprains and much, much more.

Unfortunately, many celebrities like Howard consider wearing sky-high heels an occupational hazard, but for those of us who don’t make a living walking the red carpet, better options are available. When wearing high heels, try to keep them below three inches and, of course, limit the amount of time you spend wearing these types of shoes, regardless of their height. You only get one set of feet, so keep them feeling good by making smarter choices—and coming to see Dr. Andrew Schneider when you’re not feeling right.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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