Canadian Cat Getting Titanium Foot

Marco the cat is hoping for a new foot to improve his lifeI usually reserve space on this blog for discussions on the condition of the human foot, but I came across this story that was both unusual and touching enough to temporarily break with protocol.

A cat in London, Ontario is poised to become only the second feline in the world (the first in North America!) to receive a prosthetic foot after his rear appendage was cut off by a weed whacker when the little guy was just five weeks old.

After the accident, Marco the cat found himself at Dillard Animal Hospital where, due to his injury, he became fat and immobile. First, the staff performed life-saving colon-surgery on the cat, then helped him to lose some weight so he could undergo this operation.

With just four more pounds to drop, Marco is almost ready to have his titanium foot surgically attached.  What’s really cool about this procedure is the fact that Marco’s new foot won’t be taken on and off, unlike a human’s prosthetic limb; instead, the titanium will grow into his bone, his skin and fur will grow around it and it will become a permanent part of Marco’s body.

This procedure has only been performed once before, in 2010 on a British cat named Oscar, but the veterinarians at Dillard are hopeful that Marco will blossom once he receives his new foot.

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