Carrie Underwood Falls in Five Inch Heels

Performing in 5-inch heels left Carrie Underwood's foot looking like this“Hey, remember that time in Corpus Christie when that girl busted her butt on stage?! Hilarious! Oh wait, that was me”…tweeted Carrie Underwood this weekend after she experienced an embarrassing mid-performance fall on stage last Thursday. Her hash-tags? #5inchheels and #klutz.

It’s always great to see a big celebrity like Carrie who is willing to poke fun at herself, and thankfully, Underwood wasn’t seriously hurt, even though she did end up in a soft cast and, at one point, shared with the Twitter world that she couldn’t move her toes.

In case you missed her moment of shame or its endless replay online, Carrie was performing in five-inch stiletto booties (not a great idea, considering all the running around that she needs to do on stage) when her shirt tail got caught in her heels. She fell backwards or, in her own words, “attacked the floor,” but got back up and kept on performing in those crazy heels.

Fortunately, in spite of some serious foot pain, Carrie didn’t break her foot or ankle in the fall; the soft cast she’s now sporting seems to be for supportive purposes. But I do hope that, in all her joking around and self-mocking tweets, she realizes that it may be a good idea to protect her feet and at least wear a slightly lower heel in future performances. Otherwise she might need to make the drive up from Corpus Christie in search of the services of a Houston podiatrist like myself. I’m always happy to help women who have hurt their feet wearing high heels; did you hear that, Carrie? Come into Tanglewood Foot Specialists any time! We’ll make you feel right at home.  

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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