Cher Rushed to Hospital to Treat Foot Pain

Cher's foot pain dates back to a 1990s injuryIn a week that saw both Harrison Ford and President Obama fall victim to foot problems, Cher rounded out the trio when she was taken to hospital due to severe foot pain. The problem was related to an old injury from the 1990s, when the “Believe” singer had her foot crushed by a piece of equipment. The 68-year old performer has since had surgery to try and stop the pain of the injury but, clearly, the procedure was not entirely successful.

Currently in the midst of her “Dressed to Kill” North American tour, Cher was taken to the hospital on June 16 because she needed a painkilling injection to be able to continue stage performances.

Cher explained to her Twitter fans: “"On way 2 hosp 2 get shot in toe joint (sic)... Oh bliss oh joy ! Had 1 about 6 months ago & it helped a lot ! Not much fun, but everything can't be."

Later, she explained exactly what the injection was for, saying, “"Calms down toe & takes pain away. Hope it works this time. You have 2go under special machine so dr.hit s EXACT SPOT.YUCK.”

Fortunately, Cher was able to get back at it after the injection, making her way to Canada for her next string of shows. While she reassured fans about her health, she also made it clear that she knows she may be in pain again soon, tweeting: “"It should be fine, but most young girls (like me) aren't running around stage 4 shows a week.”

Cher has to keep going, even when she’s experiencing foot pain, but for the rest of us, we can and should stop and rest if we’re experiencing foot pain (especially if it’s bad enough to need an injection of pain killers). If you have concerns about that nagging foot pain you’ve been experiencing, make an appointment with your Houston podiatrist today so we can figure out how to make you feel better soon. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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