Cher Postpones Tour Due To Foot Surgery

Cher postpones concert tour to recover from foot surgeryAn old foot injury has returned to plague Cher, who was scheduled to launch a major concert tour later this year, and is going to require foot surgery. Cher decided to postpone the tour to allow herself time to heal from the surgery and ensure that she is able to give her fans 100%. She announced this too her fans in a series of Twitter posts that stated "About tour this yr. i broke Foot in 80'& between burlesque & falling on thrown hat on stage ! I have 2 have minor work Done on my foot ! It must have time to Heal b4 i go Running back & forth Across Stage like crazy teen! We r working on show & its Beautiful! (sic)"


Good for Cher! So many patients in my Houston podiatry practice are in such a hurry to recover from their foot injury or surgery and return to their regular lifestyle. Many try to jump the gun and don't use their crutches or wear their fracture boot like they should. This often serves to set their recovery back, taking LONGER for them to heal and get back to the activities they love to do.


Bone takes 6-8 weeks to heal. It's a physiological process and is just the way it is. Even at 8 weeks, the bone isn't fully healed. It is clinically healed well enough for you to start to return to normal walking and ultimately exercise. It really takes bone a full year to completely heal back to full strength. Yet so many people think that they'll be back to running three weeks after surgery. It is just not realistic!


When you come to our office with an injury, such as a sprained ankle or foot fracture, or we are discussing surgery, I will tell you the real estimate for recovery and healing. I will not tell you what you want to hear. That will only frustrate you when reality sets in and healing takes longer. My patients tell me that they appreciate knowing the actual timeframe, since it allows them to prepare properly for being out of commission. My surgical patients tell me that they know what to expect around every corner, because we covered it so thoroughly when we discussed it before surgery.


If you have a foot or ankle injury, or you are finally considering surgery for your bunion, hammertoe, or neuroma, contact Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists. Dr. Schneider will explain your situation to you in detail and make sure that you understand what you are dealing with.

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