Could Foot Injuries Steal a Super Bowl?

Will Gronk's ankle problems keep the Pats from a Superbowl victory?It’s almost impossible for an NFL team to make it through the entire regular season, not to mention the playoffs, without at least a few players getting sidelined by foot or ankle injuries.

But this year, as the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots prepare to faceoff in Superbowl XLIX, injuries may be the deciding factor in the intense match-up.

Check it out:

Over in New England, things are clearly not going well if the team has to resort to under-inflating their footballs.  Specifically, they’ll face a real challenge now that star tight end Rob Gronkowski has re-aggravated a high-ankle sprain that he originally suffered last season (a high ankle sprain, usually caused by a twisting injury, occurs when the ligaments above the ankle are torn. In a traditional ankle sprain, the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are the ones that are affected.) When you have a high ankle sprain, you may be able to bear weight, but you’ll be in a lot of pain and any type of athletic performance would certainly be negatively affected (witness Gronk’s dismal performance in the last few weeks, catching just two passes for 26 yards. Why was he even out there? He should have been on the sidelines resting up for the big match!)

Of course, the Seahawks are not exactly foot-injury free at the moment. Back in October, fullback Derrick Coleman broke his foot after taking a wrong step while out on the turf. He required foot surgery, so his season was ended prematurely. Meanwhile, cornerback Tharold Simon is back in play after recovering from an ankle injury, but during play in the divisional playoff against Carolina, he missed two tackles that turned into touchdowns, calling into question his ability to perform.

And…these are just the foot injuries these two teams are grappling with. There are also knee, elbow and shoulder problems to contend with. Who do you think will be more adversely affected by injuries and who will come out on top? Sound off to your Houston sports podiatrist in the comments!

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