Country Music Star Chely Wright Recovering From Foot Surgery

Chely Wright recovering from foot surgery for Morton's neuroma and bunionCountry star Chely Wright is recovering from surgery on her right foot. She had a painful Morton's neuroma removed and a bunion corrected. She wrote on Twitter about her recovery "Super bored with this foot surgery recovery. Can this be over now? Foot is really swollen and very painful. Ugh. Okay, chin up! i will survive."

Both Morton's neuroma excisions and bunion surgery are very common foot surgeries that we perform in our Houston podiatry practice. A Morton's neuroma is an inflamed nerve that causes intense pain in the ball of the foot. There is conservative treatment for a neuroma, including anti-inflammatory medication, padding, injection therapy, custom orthotics, and shockwave therapy. When these fail, surgery is certainly indicated. Surgery to treat a Morton's neuroma is very successful. It entails removal of the inflamed piece of nerve. Our patients often report an immediate relief of pain.

A bunion is a prominence of bone on the side of the big toe joint. It is caused by the pressures of walking causing the metatarsal bone to rotate and create a large bump on the side of the foot. Correcting a bunion involves repositioning the metatarsal bone back in alignment. This is accomplished by creating a surgical fracture, realigning the joint, and stabilizing the area with small screws. This is a common and successful surgery and many are surprised that they don't feel as much pain as they expected.

The key to a successful foot surgery and recovery is ensuring you are being treated by a superior foot surgeon. The foot surgeons at Foot & Ankle Institute of Texas are among the most experienced and respected in the field. If you are suffering from a painful Morton's Neuroma or Bunion, contact our office for a comprehensive evaluation.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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