Bad Injury News for the Dallas Cowboys

Sorry, Cowboys, but I've got Houston Texans pride!Bad news for our neighbors-to-the-north, the Dallas Cowboys. During Wednesday’s training camp, rookie Demarcus Lawrence, who the Cowboys hoped to start at defensive end this season, rolled his ankle during a practice play. Afterwards, he could not put any weight on the ankle and had to be carted off the field.

X-rays following the injury confirmed the team’s worst fears: Lawrence has a broken ankle, and he will need to have surgery to properly set the injury. Initial reports suggest his recovery time will be eight-12 weeks, meaning he’ll be out of the Cowboys’ starting lineup for at least the first month of the 2014-15 season. The loss of Lawrence comes on the heels of linebacker Sean Lee’s torn ACL, which will take him out for the entire season.

While this Houston podiatrist would never wish a painful foot or ankle injury on anyone, as an avid football fan, I can only hope that trouble for the Cowboys will make way for the triumphant rise of a certain other beleaguered Texas franchise. So, while I sincerely wish Demarcus Lawrence a speedy recovery, I will simply end this posting thusly: Go Texans

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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