Dallas Stars Captain Out with Foot Injury

Jamie Benn is getting the rest he needs to heal a foot injuryDallas Stars’ team captain Jamie Benn sat out yesterday’s matchup against the Montreal Canadiens due to a foot injury. Benn hit the boards hard during the team’s New Year’s Eve matchup against the Florida Panthers and apparently tweaked something in his foot.

Although Benn is known for playing through injuries and, in fact, continued playing in the loss to the Panthers after sustaining the injury, coach Lindy Ruff made the responsible decision to let his player rest his foot.

“This is a situation where it’s our responsibility to keep him out,” Ruff said. “He could probably play, but to what effect he would be and where he would be in a couple days would be a big concern of ours.”

I am so impressed by Ruff’s decision. All too often, players are strongly encouraged to play while injured, putting their recovery and even their careers at risk.

If you are an athlete who is concerned about managing your recovery to maximize play time without compromising your health, I encourage you to come see me in my Houston podiatry office. I will get you back in the game just as soon as it’s safe to do so, and will give you guidance on staying in shape while you recover.  

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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