Dance Moms Rocked by Foot Injury

Chloe performing on Dance Moms before suffering a foot injuryIf you haven’t watched the Lifetime show Dance Moms (I don’t think you’re missing much, but), allow me to give you some background on the show so you understand my upcoming post. According to Wikipedia, the show, set in Pittsburgh at the Abby Lee Dance Company, follows the early careers of children in dance and show business, as well as the participation of their mothers. The show features many highlights in the children's careers but also the drama of the mothers trying to get their children to center stage.

Now in its fourth season, in this week’s episode, the whole cast was thrown into a tail-spin because of a child’s foot injury. With just one episode remaining before company owner Abby Lee Miller takes her young dancers to compete in nationals, all the girls were trying to prove that they were worthy of making the trip and possibly even representing the company with a solo performance.

Explaining to her dancers that each of them would get a 45-second audition to see if they made the cut, she threw in the fact that 13-year old Chloe Lukasiak could not audition because of a foot injury.

ere’s where the show’s title comes into play. While poor Chloe is seen icing her foot (later on she’s seen in a walking boot, suggesting a sprain or even a fracture), the cameras turn to her mom, Christi, who tearfully ejects, ““Abby will snatch away any opportunity Chloe has to dance at nationals. I want our best shot at winning to be out on that stage.”

I think you can probably guess what this Houston podiatrist thinks about super-mom Christi, but I’ll sum it up for you as what the heck?!?! Student athletes who are injured have enough to contend with when coaches and team mates push them to compete before they are fully healed; how can a child’s own mother add to that pressure? Obviously she’s on a reality show, but I still think it should go without saying that if your child gets a foot injury, you should take him or her to the podiatrist, not push them into situations that could exacerbate their injuries. 

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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