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Vibrating plates like this gym equipment could be modified to treat foot ulcersAnyone who is living with diabetes knows the fear of developing a foot ulcer—these difficult-to-treat wounds can remain unhealed for months on end and can even threaten the overall health of your feet, putting you at risk of amputation.

Now, exciting new research from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Stony Brook University suggests that a simple, non invasive treatment could be very effective at helping foot ulcers and other long-term wounds heal at a quicker pace.

According to their findings, gentle vibrations help the healing process. When tested in mice, animals who were exposed to vibrations (via a vibrating plate) five times a week for 30 minutes each time experienced faster wound healing than those mice placed in a test group.

The thinking behind this discovery is that the vibration helps you form granulation tissue and chemokine molecules, both of which are helpful in the healing process.

Researchers were excited because the treatment delivery method can easily be translated to humans—people could be asked to stand on a platform designed to deliver uniform oscillations, Dr. Timothy J. Koh explained.

Animal test results were so promising, a clinical trial is in the works. Vibrations could apparently also help in preventing bone loss.

While I keep on top of new research, my Houston podiatrist office already offers varied and effective treatment options for diabetic foot ulcers. We also offer preventative diabetic foot care so that ulcers don’t have the chance to form, so stay on top of your foot health by scheduling regular appointments with Dr. Andrew Schneider.

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