Drew Brees’ Injury Is Everything That’s Wrong with Sports

Despite being injured early on, Drew Brees played a full half on a torn plantar fasciaNew Orleans Saints’ quarterback (and former Superbowl champ) Drew Brees hurt his foot last week as his team lost to the Detroit Lions; following the injury, Brees was seen wearing a walking boot and limping around. Now, an MRI has revealed that Brees has a torn plantar fascia.

Just like Peyton Manning, Brees is getting up in age, and every injury has an increased likelihood of being the one that ends his career…which is why it’s shocking to me that the QB was allowed to finish out the game against the Lions, even though he sustained his injury in the second quarter!

Coaches and team medical staff have a vested interest in keeping star players on the field, even when injured—they want to please fans and win games, and all-too-often the thinking is: a hurt super-star is better than a healthy back up player.

But I have to say—this kind of thought process is backward and unconscionable! Think of it this way: by having someone like Brees play hurt, you are putting him at risk for worse or further injuries, which could mean surgery and even retirement!

With that type of outcome, everyone loses: the team has to face even more games without the player, and the player himself might lose his entire future in professional athletics!

Sports injuries should be treated like any other type of injuries, in my opinion. Immediate treatment and appropriate rest until the athlete is fully recovered and safe to rejoin the team. Anything else is just wrong. Period.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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