Fantasy Sports Update: Kevin Durant and Tony Romo injured

Kevin Durant is sidelined with a foot fractureIt’s been a bad week for both football and basketball enthusiasts this week as we’ve seen two huge stars weakened by foot and ankle injuries.

In football, the Dallas Cowboys’ star QB Tony Romo had to hobble off the field this week after a hard hit left him with sore ribs and a sprained ankle. Uncertain how serious his injuries were, Romo told reporters he had, “"A little rib thing and the ankle," We'll see (how bad it is.) Got to go through all of the junk tomorrow and figure that out. “

On the basketball court, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant was diagnosed with a Jones Fracture this week after complaints on Saturday that his foot was hurting. A Jones fracture is a broken bone in the midsection of the fifth metatarsal bone of the foot, which is located near the little toe.  Signs of a Jones fracture include pain and swelling of the foot, and can often take time to diagnose, since it is usually a stress-injury (built up over time) rather than an acute injury (caused by one single blow.)

A Jones fracture can be hard to fix since there’s not a lot of blood flow to that part of your foot, which means healing times are extended.  For that reason, many people with Jones fractures opt to have surgery on their foot to repair their fracture and help improve their recovery time (as of publication time, Durant was considering surgery.) Usually, a screw is placed in the foot at the site of the fracture to help stabilize the surrounding area, reducing down time and, hopefully, making re-injury less likely. Speculators are saying Durant will be out 6-8 weeks following his surgery, but with tricky sports injuries like this, best guesses are often wrong.

When you experience a foot injury in the midst of athletic competition, your focus is on getting back to the game as soon as possible. As a Houston podiatrist, it’s my job to get you there, quickly and safely. If you have a foot or ankle injury and want to get back to competition, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider for a comprehensive exam and recovery plan. 

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