Another Amazing Foot Surgery in China

First they attached a hand to a foot, now Chinese doctors gave a patient two right feetYou’ve heard of people who have two left feet; well, in the story I’m about to tell you, our main character got two right ones (at least temporarily…)

In a terrible work accident, Mr. Ma of Zhengzou, China, suffered an amputation of his left foot. Because both his left left and his foot were traumatized, doctors performed surgery to attach the severed foot to the patient’s right leg, so it could benefit from the healthy veins and arteries there until both foot and the injured stump had healed enough to be reconnected.

One of the man’s doctors explained, “we used microscopic technology to foster the broken foot and wait for the surface of the wound to become stable and to keep all the tissues alive. When it is alive and the surface of the wound recovers, we will move it back to the other leg.'

Apparently, the situation should be very temporary, as doctors expected to be able to properly reattach the foot to it’s original limb in about 20 days.

While this kind of foot surgery is, of course, highly unusual and extremely risky, even a so-called routine surgical procedure like a bunion removal can be dangerous.

For this reason, in my Houston podiatry practice, surgery is always a final option, after more conservative treatment plans have been tested. Although I routinely and expertly perform foot surgeries, I prefer to give my patients minimally invasive care whenever possible. If you have been told you need foot surgery and would like a second opinion, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrews Schneider for an honest evaluation of your situation. 

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