Footcraft Friday: 4 Days Til Christmas, Fix Kids Feet and Angel Craft!

It's almost Christmas, and if you want to give your kids' the best gift possible: there's still time! Just set up a visit for them with the podiatrist, so their feet can grow comfortably, just the way they should! 

All feet can have problems, even a child's.  Our kids are involved in many different activities and sports, putting them at risk for injury.  But that's not the only threat to kids' feet: the developing child  can have a variety of foot problems depending on their age, heredity, and activity level. The most important thing to remember is that no child should have foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, or back pain. A child is not merely a small adult and there is no normal pain for a child. If your child is complaining of persistent pain, you should take him to the podiatrist for evaluation. Protect your kids' feet this holiday season so they can keep playing in comfort!

The most common foot problems for a child are ingrown toenails and plantar warts. Ingrown toenails most often occur because of improper cutting of nails, or shoes that are too small due to a sudden growth spurt. And some kids are just prone to them. While an ingrown toenail may just start off feeling uncomfortable, they can quickly become infected. 

Plantar warts form when a virus enters your system. Like any virus, no medication can effectively e‚Äčliminate them, and over-the-counter medications are very slow to work. In office, however, I do have several very effective remedies--the best of which is a pulse-dye laser that offers pain free relief with no down time! 

Younger children often present with developmental issues like “in-toe,” “out-toe,” and “toe walking.”  These situations are easily noticed in young children because they are unable to compensate for mechanical issues. While many pediatricians will tell you that the kids will grow out of the problem, in reality, they will just learn to compensate, leading to problems like foot and knee pain in adolescence and adulthood. In most cases, these issues can be easily and permanently managed with the use of orthotics for children. Time, however, is the most important factor for success. The earlier we can start treating a child with a positional problem, the more successful the treatment will be.

So, now that I've convinced you to bring your child's foot problems to me, as a podiatrist, let's get back to the other business of childhood: fun. Check out this cool Christmas craft I've got for you to try this pre-holiday weekend. 

Hand and Foot Print Angel Craft

If you want to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and also capture the memory of your children's sweet little feet, you'll love this Hand and Foot Print Angel Craft from That Artist Woman. Better yet, try it on shrink plastic for a tree ornament you'll treasure for years to come.


  • Blue tempera paintThe finished product is a heavenly project!
  • Yellow tempera paint
  • White/red/brown tempera paint
  • White paper
  • Sponges
  • Foam plates
  • Glitter glue
  • Black paper or paint
  • Sequin stars (optional)
  • Glue
  • Bins for washing
  • Towels


1. Place out a chair for your child to sit on. Remove one shoe and sock. Pour some blue tempera into a foam plate. Press foot into paint.

2.  Press foot onto paper to make a print. You want it centered but have the toes towards the bottom to give you some space to put on the head.

3. Lift off and place immediately into wash up bin. Towel off and put sock and shoe back on.

4.  Now on to the handprint. Using one hand makes for easy cleanup but you can certainly do both if you wish.  Place yellow tempera into foam plate. Press hand into paint with fingers slightly spread apart.

5. Press into place. Repeat on other side of the footprint for two wings. Place hand immediately into wash up bin and dry.  Let project dry for a bit.

6. With a paintbrush and some blue paint, paint in the arms.  Use a small sponge, cut into a circle shape, to make arms and hands in your desired shade. Use a larger part of the sponge to form a circle for the head, then paint in the hair.

7. Use glitter glue to make halos.  Let dry. Hole punched black paper and glue it on for eyes.  Take a fine red marker and make the mouth.

8. Glue on some sequin stars around the angel before mounting on blue paper.


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