New York Jets Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes Out With Lisfranc Injury

New York Jets Santonio Holmes out with Lisfranc injuryLast year I wrote regularly about Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub's season ending Lisfranc injury. I am a well documented fan and season ticket holder of the Texans. Lesser known is my my first football love...the New York Jets. Having grown up in New Jersey, my family are die hard Jets fans, having followed them from Shea Stadium to Giants Stadium.


Last weekend I had some déjà vu from last year. A key Jets player, wide receiver Santonio Holmes, left the game at the start of the fourth quarter with a foot injury. X-rays were negative but there was severe pain and swelling. An MRI confirmed the diagnosis...a Lisfranc injury.


The Lisfranc joint is actually a series of joints in the middle of the foot. It is a common football injury since it occurs when a player's foot is planted and there is a sudden twisting motion. The stability of the joint is effectHouston podiatrist treats Lisfranc sports injuriesed, with ligament tears, joint dislocation, and fractures all possible.


A professional athlete such as Holmes will need surgery to repair this injury in almost every case. After surgery, he will stay immobilized and non-weight bearing for at least two months. That said, in some cases the foot may never reach full strength and mobility. A Lisfranc injury can end a career.


Hopefully Holmes will recover as well as Matt Schaub did and return at full strength next season. It will take time, patience, and lots of hard work and therapy.


Once again, the battle cry of the Jets fan applies: Next Year!!


So the burning question you all must have is what will I do next week with Monday Night Football...Texans at Jets? My version of Sophie's choice! I am a big fan of both, but I have many more years of heartache invested in the Jets. When they play one another, I choose the Jets. That said...the Texans will destroy them!


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Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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