How A Broken Ankle Can Topple a Dictator

A noticeably heavier Kim Jong-Un has reportedly broken both his anklesAccording to new reports, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has fractured both his ankles and is in hospital, recovering from surgery to repair the injury.

Apparently, in recent months, the leader has gained a large amount of weight, thanks in part to his love of rich food and wine. Sources in the Daily Mail believe that, on a grueling tour of the country’s military bases, Jong-Un’s sprained his ankles due to a combination of his increased weight and his decision to wear high-heeled-shoes to make him appear more authoritative. 

In later public appearances, the dictator appeared to be limping, suggesting he was not resting his sprained ankles sufficiently. Subsequent news of his double-ankle fracture soon emerged.

This story has soooo many levels (like there are also rumors that Jong-Un’s also experiencing gout because he can’t stop stuffing his face while his impoverished citizens starve!) but, since I’m a Houston podiatrist, I’ll give you the take-home message that I think will mean the most to my readers and patients.

Even one of the most-powerful dictators in the WHOLE WORLD is not strong enough to walk off a serious injury like an ankle sprain. So if you don’t want to end up like Kim Jong-Un, going under the knife for a serious fracture, rest as soon as you experience an ankle injury and schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider to ensure you follow a course of treatment that will prevent your foot health from further deteriorating. 

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