How Christina Applegate’s Broadway Career was Ruined by a Broken Foot

How many, if any, of you remember hearing about Christina Applegate’s Broadway career? Anyone? I’m sure you’ve What's beneath that desk, Christina? A walking boot, perhaps?heard about her brave battle with breast cancer, likely remember her role as Ron Burgundy’s love interest in Anchorman and almost certainly think of her in her first starring role on television in “Married with Children,” playing the delightfully imbecilic Kelly Bundy.

But chances are you don’t know that in 2005, Christina was supposed to make her Broadway debut in a revival of Sweet Charity but it never happened; she recently revealed the missed opportunity was because of a broken foot. She got the injury during previews, missed the opening weeks of the play’s run and, when she returned, couldn’t perform up to par and got terrible reviews. In a recent interview with British paper The Independent, she said, “"I don't think disappointing is a word that can describe how awful that whole experience was, how sad it was. I'd been working so hard, dancing my butt off, and once (my foot) was broken, I could never do the show the way I had rehearsed it."

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to star on Broadway or just drive yourself to and from work, a fractured foot will affect every aspect of your daily life. Since it can be such a disruptive injury, you want to make sure that a broken foot is treated appropriately so that it heals quickly and without complications. With fractures, an improper diagnosis can lead to surgery or even permanent pain or disability. Don’t take chances with your feet—if you suspect you have a foot or ankle fracture, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider to make sure your injury is diagnosed and treated appropriately.

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