How To NOT Wait 45 Minutes To See The Doctor In One Easy Step

Don't you hate doctor's appointments? Perhaps not the appointment itself, but the peripheral stuff...parking, waiting in the reception room, more waiting in the treatment room, and finally when the doctor comes in it's 45 minutes (or more) past your appointment time. If you showed up 45 minutes late, would your doctor and their staff be as accommodating?

It's a double standard of days gone by that the medical profession has had trouble shaking. Doctors overbooking their days in case patients don't show for their appointments (which doesn't happen too often). Doctors not showing up to their office on time and starting their day behind already. It's not fair to our patients and it should not be tolerated.

My patients' time is valuable. Whether a CEO or a housewife, everyone has their daily schedule with meetings, appointments, and other time commitments to keep. I ask my patients to arrive on time to my office to keep us on schedule, common courtesy dictates that I also be respectful of all of my patients' time. I schedule my day in a realistic manner and know when enough is enough.

Does it always work? No. There will always be the occasional emergency that has to be worked in, such as a diabetic with a foot infection or someone who broke their foot. In these cases we're up front that they are the ones who wait. If we run late with our scheduled patients, we let them know. All are understanding, since it is the exception when we run late. They also know that if they ever have an emergency, they may be the ones to throw off the schedule.

So, how do you avoid spending 45 minutes waiting for the doctor? Schedule an appointment at our Houston podiatry office. We'll spoil you for all other doctors!
Dr. Andrew Schneider
Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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