How to Rock Out with a Broken Foot

Jessie J demos the smart way to perform with a broken footIt seems like many of my recent blog posts have been devoted to rock stars who broke their feet while performing on stage. Britney Spears, Florence Welch, Dave Grohl. Some have kept the show going, others have stopped and cancelled several performances. It’s interesting to note who does what, which is why I particularly enjoyed the round up of how injured singers have performed with broken feet that I found on The Guardian’s website. Here are my two favorites:

Jessie J

When the “Bang, Bang” singer fell off a stage in 2011, her injury first presented as torn ligaments in her foot. Later, more testing revealed she had broken her foot. In order to deliver her set at Capital FM Summertime Ball as planned, she performed from a golden throne, complete with velvet trim: check out the video here



At this year’s Brit awards, the world watched in shock, awe (and a bit of amusement) as Madonna’s ridiculous matador-themed costume got stepped on, yanking her off a raised platform on the stage. Fortunately, she didn’t re-injure her previously broken foot, but she did raise a few eyebrows when she continued to perform dance moves just slightly off beat. Click here for a visual refresher.


Clearly, in the music business, the show must always go on, but as a Houston podiatrist, when I see accidents like Madonna’s happen without pause for a medical check, I cringe a little. By all means, keep performing, but at least make modifications (like Jessie J) to keep your injury from getting worse.

And remember, that advice doesn’t just apply to pop and rock stars—it’s for all of my readers. If you think you’ve hurt your foot or ankle, sit down, call my office and for goodness’ sake, don’t try to dance your way through a gauntlet of men-dressed-as-bulls (You really need to watch the Madonna video if you want to get that joke…)

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