How Will the Tale of the $1.9 million broken ankle end?

Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding broke his ankle and earned a suspensionBack in September, Josh Harding, NHL goalie for the Minnesota Wild, got himself in some serious trouble when he broke his ankle.  Why would an ankle injury cause an NHL player problems when the sport is filled with bruises, breaks and even missing teeth? Read on.

Harding’s injury wasn’t exactly hockey-related, as it turns outs. One Sunday, Harding got into a fight with a team mate and, out of frustration, he kicked the wall. And broke his ankle, making him absolutely useless to the team.

As if his injury weren’t punishment enough, the Wild suspended Harding without pay until he was able to play with the team again, meaning his $1.9 million contract was rendered temporarily void.

Thankfully for Harding, most broken ankles, if treated immediately, properly isolated and allowed the time to rest, will heal in 6-8 weeks and, true to form, the beleaguered player was able to return to the ice on Monday, practicing with his team for the first time since he made an appearance at training camp.

While it looks like Harding may be heading towards a happy ending, he did not discuss a timetable for his return to the game and, in the meantime, the Wild have fired their minor league coach after their AHL team, the Iowa Wild, started the season with a dismal 2-10-0 record.

As Harding’s broken ankle costs him a fortune and, possibly, his career, I can’t help but reflect on all the ankle injuries I see on a daily basis in my Houston podiatry practice. While most of the patients I see don’t have millions riding on their feet, they do want the reassurance that they will be able to return to their regular activities as soon as possible. In my office, not only can I quickly get your injury x-rayed, but I can also cast your fracture and even perform surgery if it’s required, so come see Dr. Andrew Schneider immediately if you think you may have broken a bone in your foot, toe or ankle. 

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