Injured Derek Hough Returns to DWTS…Sort Of….

Derek Hough has to dance with a fill-in to accomodate his ankle injuryWhen Dancing with the Stars headliner Derek Hough injured both his feet last month, the world was abuzz with concern for the dancer’s future career—could he come back from a simultaneous broken toe and sprained ankle?

Well, we now have our answer: he is coming back to the show, just not quite in the way you might have expected: he and partner Nastia Lukin will now dance as a threesome, incorporating her interim partner, Sasha Farber, into their routines.

As Lukin explains, ““For us it was kind of a no-brainer to have Sasha in our dance. Derek’s still not at a place where he can be dancing full out.”

For his part, Hough, who doesn’t want to talk about what the future holds, just says, “I never want to let anybody down. I want to make sure that I fulfill my commitments… I like to keep my word and follow through…. My big concern, too, was the tour this summer. That’s something I’ve been really looking forward to and I’m really, really excited about. It’s gonna be an amazing show and physically to do that show… I have to be in exceptional shape.”

As a Houston podiatrist, there’s so much I want to say about this situation. I understand the push that athlete’s feel to return to their sport after an injury, but I also recognize that getting back into action too soon, even in a limited capacity, can jeopordize your entire career. Working on a still-injured foot or ankle can not only delay your complete recovery, it can also worsen the existing problem, as already-weakened muscles and ligaments absorb further impact.

When you work with a sports podiatrist, it is crucial to have a discussion about your long-term athletic goals as you work to recover from your injury. If you have questions about coming back from an athletic foot injury, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today.
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